Golden Land Necklace - Gold Plated

Golden Land Necklace - Gold Plated

"In place of the copper I will bring gold (to the Land)." (Isaiah 60:17) Plated with 24 kt gold, this necklace is shaped as the map of Israel, and will never tarnish! Studded with zircon diamonds to mark Israel's seas, this pendant is absolutely stunning! The reverse side of the pendant is inscribed with the Hebrew words from Israel's national anthem HaTikva: להיות עם חפשי בארצנו, meaning "to be a free nation in our Land."

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Keep the Land of Israel close to your heart with this beautiful necklace plated in 24kt gold!

The Bible is full of praises of the Land of Israel, as God blessed it with extra beauty and splendor, both physically and spiritually. It is described in Deuteronomy as, “A Land where you will eat bread without poverty – you will lack nothing there; a Land whose stones are iron and from whose mountains you will mine copper…a Land that Hashem, your God, seeks out; the eyes of Hashem you God, are always upon it, from the beginning of the year to the year’s end.” It is also written in the Talmud, “The Land of Israel is holier than all other lands.” (Kelim 1:6)

Dimensions of Pendant: 3.5cm (H) x 1cm (W)
Chain Length: 42cm
Pendant Finish: shiny