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Free Shipping to USA with Code: FREEUSA


New Israeli Anti-Viral Masks are produced with lab-tested, patented fabric proven to neutralize 99.35% of viruses.

These brand new ‘Killer Cloth’ protective masks are the result of the latest Israeli ultrasonic nano-particle technology. Each mask contains virus-killing zinc oxide nano-particles embedded into the fabric to ensure long-term protection, even after 55 washes. These masks can be effective for up to one year.

The mask’s dual-layers, containing cotton and polyester, act as shields against external contamination while providing breathable cover. The adjustable loops and internal nose-wire enable each wearer to get an extremely comfortable, secure fit with unparalleled virus-killing protection throughout the day.

Anti-Viral masks are produced by Sonovia, a leading Israeli health science company that is spearheading the global fight against viral infections, in hospitals, businesses and homes.

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