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Designed by renown Israeli artist Moshe Braun, Jerusalem Mint commemorative coins are created to bring honor and glory to the people, country and land of Israel and to the majestic city of Jerusalem for generations to come. All coins are fashioned from the finest precious metals and crafted with uncompromising quality, precision, elegance and beauty.

We are proud to introduce our newest coin, the magnificent Israel Independence Coin, minted in honor of the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel. The Jerusalem Jubilee Coin captures the unique splendor of Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel, upon it's 50th year of reunification. Depicting the ancient "City of Gold" with the Holy Temple standing on high, the world famous Jerusalem Peace Coin reveals the timeless words "Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem" upon the exquisite artwork. The reverse side shows features the temple menorah of seven branches, an enduring symbol of peace and light unto the nations.

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