‘IDF Miracles’ Tricolor 3-Coin Set (Bronze,Copper,Nickel)

‘IDF Miracles’ Tricolor 3-Coin Set (Bronze,Copper,Nickel)

Fashioned from the finest bronze, copper and nickel, the 'IDF Miracles' Tricolor 3-Coin Set pays tribute to the miraculous success of today’s Defenders of Israel, the brave young soldiers of IDF.

Just as the ancient Maccabees risked their lives to defend the Jewish Nation, today’s IDF heroes are modern-day Maccabees who protect and defend the People of Israel.

The coin depicts IDF soldiers lighting the 8-branch Chanukah menorah on a field army base, as tanks and artillery fill the background and jets and helicopters whisk above.

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1 x IDF Miracle Coin - Antique Nickel
1 x IDF Miracle Coin - Golden Bronze
1 x IDF Miracle Coin - Proof-like Copper
1 x 3-Coin Gift Box

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Designed by renown Israeli artist Moshe Braun, Jerusalem Mint coins are commemorative treasures crafted with uncompromising quality, elegance and beauty.

We use the finest metals to produce limited edition masterpieces that bring honor and glory to the Land of Israel and the majestic city of Jerusalem for generations to come. Our handcrafted stands are made from authentic Jerusalem Stone, carved to resemble stones in the Western Wall, the last remnant of Jerusalem's Holy Temple.

The reverse side of each coin features the elaborate Temple menorah of seven branches, an enduring symbol of peace and light unto the nations.

Coins produced by the Jerusalem Mint are commemorative and have no legal tender.

Coins come in protective clear cases to prevent scratches and are presented in a special coin box.

Coin Dimensions: 39mm diameter

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