Collector's Tricolor 3-Coin Set (Bronze,Copper,Nickel)

Collector's Tricolor 3-Coin Set (Bronze,Copper,Nickel)

Fashioned from antique nickel, proof-like copper and golden bronze, this magnificent trio of Israel Independence Coins was minted in honor of Israel's 70th birthday.

Depicted in the center with the utmost topographic detail is the map of Israel, alongside the iconic picture of Israeli soldiers raising the flag over the Land.

The reverse side features the elaborate Temple menorah of seven branches, an enduring symbol of peace and light unto the nations.

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1 x Israel Independence Coin - Golden Bronze
1 x Israel Independence Coin - Proof-like Copper
1 x Israel Independence Coin - Antique Nickel

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Celebrate Israel's 70th Birthday in 3 Stunning Colors!

Introducing Israel's newest and most magnificent commemorative coins. Our exclusive collection of Israel Independence Coins were minted in honor of Israel's historic 70-year celebration.

These limited-edition, high-precision, ultra-premium Independence Coins pay tribute to the People, Country and Land of Israel on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel in 1948. After 2000 years of exile, the miraculous return of the Jewish People to its ancient homeland is nothing less than the fulfillment of biblical prophesy.

The rebirth of Israel is truly one of the greatest miracles in modern times. Israel's awe-inspiring success in the past 70 years, which has made it a world leader in numerous industries, is a prime example of how Israel has become a source of blessing, inspiration and light unto the nations.

Each of the three coins come in protective clear cases to prevent scratches.
Dimensions of each coin: 39 mm

About Our Products
Designed by renown Israeli artist Moshe Braun, Jerusalem Mint coins are commemorative treasures crafted with uncompromising quality, elegance and beauty. These limited edition masterpieces bring honor and glory to the Land of Israel and the majestic city of Jerusalem for generations to come.

Our handcrafted coin stands are made from authentic Jerusalem Stone. They are carved to resemble stones in the Western Wall, the last remnant of Jerusalem's Holy Temple.

Israel Independence commemorative coins have no legal tender.

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