Dove of Peace Mezuzah

Dove of Peace Mezuzah

The Dove of Peace is the everlasting symbol of G-D's promise of peace in the world. What better than to pair the Mezuzah, the homes Blessing for Peace and Protection with the Dove of Peace.

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Beautiful Mezuzah featuring the Dove of Peace as the Hebrew letter 'Shin' for the Shema. Mezuzot are a small scroll with Biblical passages written on it describing the commandments surrounding the basic doctrine of Jewish faith – the Shema. Jewish tradition holds that the mezuzah protects our houses from the evil eye and from illness. It is customary to place a mezuzah on all of our doorways (except for the bathroom).

Created from Jerusalem Stone/Marble Base.

Dimensions: 16cm (H) x 3cm (W)

Mezuzah cases do not include parchment.