Good Eye Hamsa

Good Eye Hamsa

Beautiful Hamsa will bring more peace and blessing into your home! Featuring the "good eye" symbol on top and beautifully colored gems, this Hamsa may be hung throughout the home, and makes a wonderful housewarming gift.

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Feel G-d's protection with this stunning Good Eye Hamsa piece! A Hamsa is an amulet shaped like a hand, which is thought to protect against the “evil eye.” Each finger symbolizes one of the five books of Moses. In Kabbala, the Hamsa symbolizes the hand of the Creator which defends from all evil.

Prayer on the Hamsa:
In this gate will come no distress. In this opening will come no illness. In this door will come no fear. In this family will come no conflict. In this place there shall be blessings and peace.

Hand-crafted by Israeli artist from Jerusalem Stone/Marble Base.

Dimensions: 13cm (H) x 8cm (W)