Old City of Jerusalem Mezuzah

Old City of Jerusalem Mezuzah

Keep the Old City of Jerusalem close to home, literally! This is the perfect Mezuzah for your doorway and can bring much blessing and protection into your home.

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Want to be reminded of the holiest city in the world every time you enter your home? This Mezuzah is designed with a beautiful depiction of the old city of Jerusalem! Mezuzot are small scrolls with Biblical passages written on them, describing the commandments surrounding the basic doctrine of Jewish faith – the Shema. Jewish tradition holds that the Mezuzah protects our houses from the evil eye and from illness. It is customary to place a Mezuzah on all of our doorways (except for the bathroom).

Created from Jerusalem Stone/Marble Base.
Dimensions: 17cm (H) x 4cm (W)
Mezuzah cases do not include parchment.