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The Israel Boutique offers a unique collection of meaningful gifts produced by the finest Israeli craftsmen and artists. Stunning treasures infused with the love of the Holy Land will serve as a source of inspiration for decades to come. Our craftsmen are located throughout the entire Land of Israel and are dedicated to producing the highest quality products for you to enjoy. 


In recent years, over 18,000 rockets of terror have been fired into Israel. Israeli artist Yaron Bob transforms these objects of destruction into expressions of beauty and peace. Rockets into Roses are precious, limited edition, hand-sculpted pieces of art and jewelry created from actual rockets that landed in Israel – modern day versions of “beating swords into plowshares”. 


A few years later, after the amazing success of Israel's Iron Dome missile defense, came Yaron's next innovative idea:  To Create jewelry and judaica from the remains of the miraculous material used to protect Israeli citizens. These one-of-kind- items demonstrate Israel's Divine protection and is available exclusively at the Israel Boutique.


Our specially minted Jerusalem coins honor the unique splendor and spirit of Jerusalem by minting limited edition gold and silver coins that will glorify the Holy City for generations to come. These magnificent treasures, designed by Israeli artist Moshe Braun, express our desire to "Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem" (Psalms 122:6). 


The Israel Boutique offers an exclusive collection of designer jewelry, handcrafted in Israel. We carry sterling silver jewelry of the finest quality, produced by master Israeli craftsmen. Our creative design team includes some of the most talented artists in Israel. We are confident that your favorite Israeli Jewels will be cherished forever. 


We offer a premium collection of Israeli hand-crafted shofars. Working with the finest shofar manufacturers in Israel, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the highest quality shofars available today. Each shofar is tested for sound clarity and maximum durability, and is finished with the utmost detail. 


Our magnificent Jerusalem Stone collection features religious and decorative stone art sculptures. With a wide range of products, including: magnets, home blessing plaques, candlesticks, office items, art pictures and much more! Made by hand, these products come from the handy work of a stone artisan, whose expertise for styling and detail is extraordinary.  We are confident, that you will find our collection brings ‘home’ the holiness & beauty of Israel.


Finally, after 1500 years, the secret has been revealed! Our stunning collection of Biblical Blue necklaces and bracelets are handmade in Israel using the authentic Biblical Blue thread. Complete with a Star of David and white Israeli beads, these unique pieces make fabulous Holy Land gifts that will be cherished forever.


There is no better way to express your love and support for the people, country and land of Israel than to shop for your meaningful gifts from the Holy Land at the Israel Boutique.
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