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Jerusalem Mint- Jerusalem Coin Gift

Jerusalem Coin Gift

­­­­­­­­The Jerusalem Coin – A Great Gift

For those who love Jerusalem and are looking for meaningful gifts, Jerusalem Coins are the perfect fit. Jerusalem Coins are Israeli-made gifts that bring the message of Jerusalem into people’s hearts…and their hands!

 jerusalemThe Holiness of Jerusalem

At the beginning of creation, Jerusalem was designated as the holiest place in the world. This Holy City contains the Foundation Stone (אבן השתייה/EH-ven ha-shi-TEE-ya) from which G-d created the entire world. Until this very day, the stone rests on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. As the most Divine location in the entire universe, every Jew faces the Foundation Stone whenever he or she prays, regardless of where they are physically located in the world.

The Jerusalem Coin

All Jerusalem Coins feature our signature design:

A depiction of the ancient city of Jerusalem at the time of the Holy Temple graces the front side of the coin, with ancient stone walls traversing the coin’s foreground. The Hebrew words “שאלו שלו ירושלים” arch over the coin’s top, with an English version appearing below, “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.” The coin’s imagery also reflects the city’s appearance in the future, when the third and final Holy Temple will be built.

jerusalem coinThe reverse side of the coin features the seven branch Menorah, one of the most sacred vessels in the Holy Temple. The Menorah remains an enduring symbol of Divine light spreading throughout the world, as is apparent in its unique design. With its goblets facing downward, the Menorah emphasizes disseminating light outward to others. In fact, the purpose of the Menorah was not to illuminate the Temple, but rather to spread the Light of Godliness to the entire world.

The Jerusalem Coin, which embraces these inspirational concepts, comes in nickel, silver, and gold. The affordable nickel coin sports a beautiful proof-like shine, identical to the silver coin, and does not tarnish. The silver coin has an exquisite finish and is made from .999 fine sterling silver. The gold coin is fashioned from high quality 24 karat yellow gold which creates an absolutely stunning effect reminiscent of the real Jerusalem of Gold.

pendantThe Jerusalem Coin Pendant is also a wonderful way to inspire loved ones. The .999 fine silver sterling coin is surrounded by a sterling silver bezel and hangs on a sterling silver chain. The piece will be loved and cherished, and can be worn as a reminder to keep prayers for Jerusalem’s peace close to one’s heart.

Both beautiful and meaningful, the Jerusalem Coin serves as a constant reminder of the Holy City’s message of eternal peace and light. Whether you place it on a desk at home or at work, or display it on a shelf as unique artwork, keep its message close to your soul!


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