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Jerusalem Holy City

Jerusalem Holy City

JerusalemThe Holy City of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is many things to many people – the capital of Israel, the city of gold and greatness, the place where body meets soul. It is truly a city like no other.

At the beginning of creation, G-d designated Jerusalem as the holiest place in the world. This city contains the Foundation Stone (אבן השתייה/EH-ven ha-shi-TEE-ya), from which G-d created the entire world. Located on the Temple Mount, the stone can today be found hidden in the Dome of the Rock. Anywhere in the world that a Jew prays, he faces the Foundation Stone, the most Divine physical location in the universe.

This stone is the reason that Jerusalem is considered so holy, for it emanates sanctity from the Old City of Jerusalem to the rest of the city and nation, and ultimately to the rest of the world.  It is the source of G-dliness in the world, the location from which the world came into existence, and the first expression of the kindness with which G-d created the world to share His love.

Subsequent to the stone’s creation, many significant events have taken place at this site.  According to the Talmud, it was close to this site that G-d gathered the dust to form Adam, the first man. It was also on this rock that Adam, Cain, Abel, and Noah brought sacrifices to G-d. This is also the location in the Bible where Abraham passed G-d’s test, showing his willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac. Later, Isaac prayed here before meeting his future wife Rebecca. It is also identified as the rock upon which Jacob dreamt of angels ascending and descending on a ladder.

In later times when the Holy Temple stood, the Holy of Holies served as the inner sanctuary in this spot. Here rested the Ark of the Covenant containing the original Ten Commandments, which G-d gave the Jews on Mount Sinai.

Dove of PeaceThe Name Jerusalem

The word Jerusalem in Hebrew (ירושלים/yi-roo-sha-LAH-yim) is a combination of two Hebrew words meaning “they will see peace” (יראו שלום/yeer-OO sha-LOME). Jerusalem is the eternal city of peace. It is a place where body and soul come together, a place where man and G-d connect in the deepest way. The word “peace” in Hebrew (שלום/shah-LOME) also comes from the word meaning “whole or complete” (שלם/shah-LEM). Jerusalem is the place where a person becomes whole, where his entire personality becomes one.

Throughout history, there has always been a Jewish presence in the city of Jerusalem. Indeed, the Jewish people as a whole can never abandon their holy city. The dream of the Jewish people has always been to return to Jerusalem and eternally establish it as the holiest Jewish city in the world. Thank G-d it is the capital of Israel today. May it remain that way forever!


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Jerusalem Stone Candlesticks

The beautiful Jerusalem Stone Treasures Collection offers unique gifts made from authentic Jerusalem Stone. These products will bring the Holy City close to your heart and your hands!

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