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Jerusalem Mint- Modern Day Jerusalem Coin

Modern-Day Jerusalem Coin Resembles Golden Treasures Discovered Near Temple Mount

Ancient Coin DiscoveredArchaeologists recently excavated 1,400-year-old ruins next to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, discovering 36 gold coins, jewelry, and a medallion with etchings of a Menorah (Temple candelabrum), Shofar (ram’s horn), and Torah scroll. Astounded by these treasures, Dr. Eilat Mazar, a third generation archaeologist who led the dig, described her “breathtaking” finds as “once in a lifetime” discoveries. Mazar’s team discovered these Byzantine-era items in a ruined public structure a mere 50 meters from the Temple Mount’s southern wall.

The medallion contains a depiction of the seven-branch golden Menorah, as described in the Bible and used in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. It provides clear evidence of Jewish presence in the area during that era. The team found the medallion, along with a smaller gold medallion, two pendants, a gold coil, and a silver clasp, in the floor of a stone building. Experts believe all of the items served as ornaments for Torah scrolls. The position of these items when discovered indicates that someone carefully hid one bundle of treasures, while a second bundle was apparently hastily abandoned and scattered across the floor.

Modern Jerusalem Coin

 Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said of the find, “This is a magnificent discovery. Nationally, it attests to the ancient Jewish presence and to the sanctity of the place; this is as clear as the sun and it is tremendous.”

The Jerusalem Coin is a modern-day version of these artifacts, depicting the same golden Menorah of seven branches on one of its sides. The coin’s reverse side features a depiction of the “City of Gold,” Jerusalem, surrounded by its ancient stone walls and magnificent archways. The coin comes in three different metals: proof-like nickel, pure silver, and 24 karat gold. The coin’s use of the Menorah reminds us that this symbol has represented the Jewish nation for centuries, and continues to do so in the modern State of Israel’s official national emblem.

 The Jerusalem Coin connects you to the past, present, and future of Jerusalem. When you bring the coin into your home, you will be constantly reminded of your eternal bond with the Holy City.

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