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Jerusalem Stone Art: Top Gift Ideas

Jerusalem Stone Art: Top Gift Ideas

Love Jerusalem? Looking for a meaningful gift idea? 

Crafted from the holy stone of the City of Gold, Jerusalem Stone Art Treasures are exquisite Judaic gifts. When you give these beautiful pieces of art as gifts, you allow others to keep the message of Jerusalem in their hearts and in their hands! 

Jerusalem stone is not only the most popular building material in Israel, it is the most beautiful and meaningful material in the world. For the past 3,000 years, the holy city of Jerusalem has been built and rebuilt with Jerusalem stone. In fact, the current law in Jerusalem requires all structures to be covered in this stunning ancient material, giving the city a magnificent look and feel. Everything in Jerusalem, from its hotels to its supermarkets, is made from Jerusalem stone, which serves as a classic symbol to distinguish the city from all others in the world. 

Here is a list of our Top Five Gift Suggestions to help you choose the best gifts for family and friends: 

Jerusalem Gate Candlesticks


1.   Jerusalem Gate Candlesticks: These candlesticks depict one of the holy city’s beautiful arched gates, which welcome you into Jerusalem’s Old City. They also feature the Hebrew words “Shabbat Shalom” and the enduring chai symbol. Place your candles for Shabbat, or any occasion, in the candle holders and watch the city shine! 



Home Blessing Wall Plaque

2.      Home Blessing Wall Plaque: Bring bountiful blessing and goodness into any home with this one-of-a-kind wall plaque. This striking piece includes the blessing for the home in English, which can be read at any time of day or night – G-d is always listening! Jerusalem’s skyline decorates the top of this piece, while turquoise gems embellish its middle.  



Prayer at the Western Wall Menorah

3.      Prayer at the Western Wall Menorah: As its name implies, this piece combines an artistic yet functionalChanukah Menorah with a 3-D depiction of prayer at the Western Wall. Lighting this Menorah will remind you of the original Menorah in the Holy Temple, which stood right above the Western Wall. The perfect gift for the holiday of Chanukah, it’s sure to capture the heart and soul of any individual!




Holy Jerusalem Stone Mezuzah

4.      Holy Jerusalem Stone Mezuzah: This Mezuzah is handcrafted from authentic multi-colored Jerusalem stone and comes in two different sizes. This Mezuzah’s smooth, polished look will protect its owners’ home and remind them of their faith in G-d every time they enter or exit a room. This Mezuzas ornate design permits its owner to beautify the Torah commandment to affix Mezuzas to the doorposts of the home.




Menorah by the Western Wall Picture with Frame

5.      Menorah by the Western Wall Picture with Frame: Add grace and charm to any room with this beautifully designed picture, handcrafted from Jerusalem stone. With every glance at this piece, its owner is reminded of the purity that emanated from the light of the Menorah and the extraordinary holiness of the Western Wall.



We hope this was helpful – enjoy choosing your gift! 

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