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Blue Thread

Biblical Blue

Finally, after 1500 years, the Biblical Blue secret has been revealed. An essential component of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, the Bible commands that a uniquely blue-colored thread be worn on four-cornered garments such as the tzitzit under-garment and tallit prayer shawl. Although for nearly one and a half millenia the identity of the Biblical Blue thread (techelet in Hebrew) had been lost, recent advances in the fields of archaeology, marine biology and chemistry, in conjunction with intense examination of historical and Talmudic sources have identified the source of the dye which can be found off the coast of Israel near Haifa. This biblical treasure from Israel can now be yours to cherish!

Book + 2 Bookmarks

Book + 2 Bookmarks


Set of 5 Bookmarks

Necklace & Bracelet Set

Biblical Blue Necklace & Bracelet Set


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Set of 5 Biblical Blue Necklaces


Set of 5 Biblical Blue Bracelets


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Biblical Blue Bracelet

Biblical Blue Bracelet

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