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Biblical Blue Necklace

Biblical Blue Necklace

“…they shall place a blue thread upon the corners.” (Numbers 15:38). Stunning biblical necklace is handmade in Israel using authentic Biblical Blue thread. Complete with a Star of David and 2 white beads, this unique, meaningful necklace makes a fabulous Holy Land gift that will be cherished forever.

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This Star of David pendant hangs from the holy Techelet string, known as bIblical blue. It is a stunning necklace, sure to bring you much luck!

The Biblical blue (techelet in Hebrew) is mentioned numerous times in the Bible. In ancient times purple and blue dyes derived from snails were so rare and sought after that they were literally worth their weight in gold. These precious dyes colored the robes of the kings and princes of Media, Babylon, Egypt, Greece and Rome. To wear them was to be identified with royalty.

The Biblical blue was essential in its use in the Temple in Jerusalem. In addition, the Bible commands that this color be worn on the four-cornered garment of the tallit. However, for close to 1500 years, the identity of the Biblical blue was lost to the world.

Recent advances in the fields of archaeology, marine biology and chemistry, in conjunction with intense examination of historical and Talmudic sources have identified the source of the dye as the Murex Trunculus snail, which can be found off the coast of Israel near Haifa. The process of extracting the dye and using it color wool has been perfected. At long last, techelet has been restored to the Jewish people and to the world.

A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each piece.

*Chain length is approximately 63 cm*

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