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‘Bring Them Home’ Necklace made from Hamas Rockets

‘Bring Them Home’ Necklace made from Hamas Rockets

This necklace carries a profound message of unity, love and praying for the safe return of our brothers and sisters being held hostage in Gaza.

Created from Hamas rockets fired into Israel, this unique piece serves as a reminder of how the people of Israel are able to turn their darkest moments into expressions of empathy, compassion and hope for the future.

Engraved on the necklace are the words ‘הלב שלנו שבוי בעזה’ – which means ‘our hearts are captive in Gaza’. The reverse side says ‘ביחד ננצח’ – which means ‘together we will win.’


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In stock

In stock

Wear this necklace as a proud statement of solidarity with our Israeli brethren who were brutally attacked and abducted from their families and communities.

The pendant design incorporates a rough texture with a polished finish, creating a striking contrast that reflects our sincere hope that their suffering is transformed into harmony and reunion with their loved ones.

A signed and numbered certificate of authenticity accompanies each piece, attesting to the fact that the art was created from actual kassam rockets.

Includes military chain (approx length 22 inches).

Dimensions of Pendant: 3.5cm (H) x 2.5cm (W)

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