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Hamsa Hidden Prayer Nano Bracelet

Hamsa Hidden Prayer Nano Bracelet

A beautiful Hamsa, the symbol of safety and protection, may be your best defense against evil forces. With its elegant design and holy nano prayer contained within, this bracelet will amaze and inspire you; sure to be treasured as a timeless piece of jewelry.

• 925 Sterling silver
• 18 mm wide
• On a 10″ adjustable chain
• Genuine crystal cabochon
• Comes in a black satin box

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$179 $129

This exquisite piece of fine silver nano jewelry containing holy Jewish prayers provides an experience of interactive fun, mystery, and spiritual connection. Inspired and designed in Israel, our Hidden Prayer Collection has a solid contemporary look, each piece with its mysterious solitaire cabochon appearing alive with shades of golden topaz. Link to your Biblical past while exploring the mystery and depths of your compelling future. Discover how fun, elegance, and inspiration merge into one.

Peer through the unique crystal gemstone to view concealed timeless passages such as Shema Yisrael (Hear O Israel), Eshet Chayil (Woman of Valor) and Tefilat Haderech (Traveler’s Prayer). Hold the stone close to your eye. Point the other end at a bright light source. Enjoy the interaction and share the fun!

Our bracelets are suspended on adjustable length chains with beautiful sliding beads. Just slip them on and off – no fiddling with clasps. It’s easy to look into the crystal while wearing, or to quickly remove the bracelet to show family and friends the hidden secret of the stone.

You’ll get that ‘WOW’ factor every time!

*To adjust the size of the bracelet, firmly hold the large center bead and pull each end bead straight down one at a time. Exert as much force as necessary to get it started. It will not break. Slide back and forth until the stiffness is sufficiently decreased.*

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