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Free Shipping to USA with Code: FREEUSA

Jerusalem Stone Coin Stand

Jerusalem Stone Coin Stand

Handcrafted from authentic Jerusalem Stone, the natural chiseled look of our unique stands add beauty and depth to any commemorative coin, connecting the picturesque charm of the coin with the Land of Israel, literally.

The famous verse “I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem” (Isaiah 62:6) engraved into the front side of the stand is an eternal reminder of the spirit and splendor of the Holy City.

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In stock

In stock

The Jerusalem Mint is renown for its exclusive collection of commemorative coins that honor the State of Israel and its people.

Designed by Israeli artists, our coins are minted with the finest precious metals and uncompromising precision, elegance and beauty.

Handcrafted stands are made from authentic Jerusalem Stone, carved to resemble stones in Jerusalem’s Western Wall.

Stone Dimensions: 8.5cm x 6cm

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