Proceeds Benefit Victims of War

Proceeds Benefit Victims of War +
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Israel Independence Coin Necklace

Israel Independence Coin Necklace

Fashioned from .999 fine silver, the magnificent limited-edition Israel Independence Coin necklace was minted in honor of Israel’s 70th year of independence.

Depicted in the center of the coin with the utmost topographic detail is the map of Israel, alongside the iconic picture of Israeli soldiers raising the flag over the Land.

The reverse side features the elaborate Temple menorah of seven branches, an enduring symbol of peace and “light unto the nations.”

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In stock

In stock

Designed by renown Israeli artist Moshe Braun, Jerusalem Mint coins are commemorative treasures crafted with uncompromising quality, elegance and beauty.

We use the finest metals to produce limited edition masterpieces that bring honor and glory to the Land of Israel and the majestic city of Jerusalem for generations to come. Our handcrafted stands are made from authentic Jerusalem Stone, carved to resemble stones in the Western Wall, the last remnant of Jerusalem’s Holy Temple.

Coins produced by the Jerusalem Mint are commemorative and have no legal tender. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each coin.

Coin Dimensions: 30mm diameter

Includes a .925 sterling silver bezel & 18-22 inch chain.

Commemorate Israel’s Historic 70th Year of Independence!

Introducing our exclusive collection of Israel Independence Coins, minted in honor of Israel’s historic 70-year anniversary. These magnificent limited-edition coins pay tribute to the People, Country and Land of Israel, while marking 70 years since the founding of the State of Israel in 1948.

After 2000 years of exile, the miraculous return of the Jewish People to its ancient homeland is nothing less than the fulfillment of biblical prophesy. The Jewish State’s awe-inspiring success in just 70 years demonstrates how Israel has become a true source of blessing, inspiration and ‘light unto the nations’.

The Story Behind the Flag and the Coin

‘Operation Uvda’ was the final IDF campaign in Israel’s War of Independence. The highlight of the operation took place at Umm Rashrash, known today as Eilat. The iconic moment was the raising of the Israeli victory flag at a captured Egyptian police station.

After Israel’s victory, the commander of Israel’s Negev Brigade noticed that the unit was missing their Israeli flag. He immediately ordered his soldiers to make one by hand, using a white bedsheet and blue ink!

The iconic image of Israel’s final moments of victory, depicted on the Israel Independence Coin, shows the Israeli ‘ink flag’ being raised by the brigade commander at the abandoned Egyptian base. Just 2 hours later, soldiers from another unit replaced it with a standard Israeli flag. The war was over!

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